The pun is intended. Service Leaders Matter(s).

Our mission is to raise the profile of the contribution that the service function has on business while creating a forum to bring Service leaders together and evolve the future of a niche industry.


In the ’80s, unbeknownst to each other, Dag and Richard commenced their colourful and remarkable global Service and HR career journeys. Over a period of 35 years, Dag went from travelling the world with a toolbox to running a global multi-million Euro service business. He held a multitude of positions within the Service domain, across a large diversity of markets and led all major aspects of the Service transformation journey applicable to companies in the manufacturing industry.

During the same time, Richard was making his mark on the global HR landscape in leading companies’ in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. More recently, Richard has specialised in talent management with a particular focus on the application of new digital technologies.

In mid-2017, Dag and Richard joined forces to evaluate their hypothesis that when it comes to hiring talent, the Service domain is not well understood – mainly due to the unique nature of this industry and its continuous and rapid evolution.

They met with many senior leaders who while searching for senior talent for their companies, were at the same time looking for the next phase of their own career evolution. These conversations validated their belief that the Service recruitment space was an underserved market segment, little understood by the recruitment community. It needed people from within the service industry to address the needs and the gaps of the industry – and that’s where Dag and Richard come in! Confident and delighted that they were on to something, they started Service Leaders Matters in late autumn 2017.

Service Leaders Matters partners with B2B businesses to assess and acquire top service leadership talent to drive breakthrough performance.