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Service Leaders Matters is a specialist recruitment firm solely focused on Service in Industry. Our Consultants have over 100+ years of combined Service and HR expertise, and we help place and recruit Senior Service Leaders in a variety of industries all over the world.

To give you an idea of how we work, here is a profile of X, one of our Service Innovation and Digital, Global Executive candidates.

Global Sales and Marketing Executive

X is an innovative service business executive who has developed and executed breakthrough business models and technologies, demonstrated through accelerated growth.

Employed by a top 3 Equipment supplier, fluent in 5 languages, X has recently relocated from the USA back to Europe and is ready for the next career opportunity.  Passionate to lead a mid to large sized organisation that has the vision to accelerate growth through Innovation and Digitisation.

X’s significant achievements to date include:

  • Increased already exceptionally high after-market share by more than 10%
  • Grew target market distributor participation by 5% – US$250M in quoted business
  • Increased new portfolio business opportunities by more than US$150M
  • Qualified $150M in new sales opportunities and reduced sales cycles by 10 days
  • Delivered a 40% adoption rate of new products
  • Connected largest machinery fleet resulting in 45% growth vs. 27% CAGR industry average

X has pioneered integrated digital and technology solutions; profoundly improved installed base access; accelerated deep customer understanding and a breakthrough suite of products, all of which have proven critical to the sustainable growth of an already global leader in its field.

X has a formidable combination of experiences and education. With an educational foundation in Business, Finance and Information Technology, complemented with demonstrated global delivery and thought leadership in breakthrough business models and technologies, X has a unique profile that will be instrumental in increasing your competitiveness.

Would you like to know more about X? If you do, please email us at [email protected]. We will be happy to share more information as well as understand your specific requirements better.

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