Our ability to find the right service leader for your business is based on our deep knowledge and experience in the industry. By assessing your context in explicit areas we are able to be very targeted in our sourcing process. The critical success factors that combine these together are:

Success factor 1:

Understand and describe the context of your business, your service maturity, your organisational structure and your people perspective.

Our service maturity model (Figure 1) illustrates the different maturity levels a service transformation journey may include. From the basic level of focusing on machine functionality to the highest level where you as a service provider perform processes on behalf of your customers. Each level corresponds to a specific set of skills, particularly important to consider as you work towards increasing your service maturity.

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Success factor 2:

Accurately translate these requirements into a sourcing profile (job description) and apply them throughout the selection process. Using a structured approach of 4 key focus areas and 18 key service accountabilities allows us to evaluate the chosen parameters and accurately compare with the sourcing profile. The outcome is best possible profile match including a detailed illustration of the differences between candidates for easier selection of final candidate.


Sales & Marketing

  • Customer management
  • Sales management
  • Product development
  • Business development
  • Solutions marketing

Operations & Delivery

  • 1st line Customer support
  • Field Service management
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management
  • Technical & Engineering support

Governance & Performance Excellence

  • Business & Financial management
  • Business analytics
  • Performance excellence
  • Communication

Innovation & Development

  • Idea generation
  • Service life cycle design
  • Development & Deployment
  • IT & Digital technology architecture

Success factor 3:

The final success factor is to bring all of the above into a global search project and among the millions of candidates we have at our fingertips, manage the deep focus that is necessary to find the right person.

Right in this sense means that the recommended candidate(s) can do the job, have the right motivation to do it and with a fit to you and your organisation.

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